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  • Screenings & Evaluations
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Early Education Department
  • Head Start Department
  • School Aged Children
  • Parent & Teacher Trainings

Who we help

Late Talkers • Language Delays • Early Intervention

Articulation Disorders • Phonological Disorders • Motor Speech Disorders

Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders • Play & Social Communication Delays


Screenings & Evaluations

Bear Hug Therapy LLC, will evaluate your child's communication skills to determine the type, nature, and severity of any delay or disorder that may be present. Our process includes:


•Parent interviews

•Formal standardized assessment
•Rapport building to establish a therapeutic relationship
•Education about developmental milestones


Following the evaluation, we will work with your family to design a therapy plan.

Speech therapy screening and evaluations may take place in our clinic, school settings, in your home, or online via teletherapy.


Speech & Language Therapy

•Therapy can happen one-on-one or in small groups. It may last from a few months to a few       years. The earlier therapy begins, the more helpful it is.

•Speech therapy helps improve communication skills.

•Kids with reading challenges may benefit from speech therapy.

•Public schools provide this service for free as part of special education.


In addition to speech challenges, therapy can target problems with:

•Receptive language (understanding language)

•Expressive language (using language)

•Social communication (using language in socially appropriate ways)

•Reading and spelling (including dyslexia)


Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • This program focuses teaching the skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set, and achieve positive goals, feel, and show empathy for others, establish, and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.
  • Our goal is to reduce risky behaviors such as violence, bullying, and dropping out.
  • We assist in effective classroom instructions, student engagement and positive activities in/out of the classroom.
  • The five competencies we focus and are aligned with the school district are:
  • Growth Mindset, Self-Efficiency, Self-Management,  Social Awareness and, Responsible Decision-Making.
  • Mindful Practices: Movements that involve Yoga, Dance, Fitness, and Stretching.

Early Education Department

Early Intervention for birth to 3

Bear Hug Therapy LLC, provides services at home or in school for children birth to 3 yrs. Our goal is to provide extensive therapy treatment to have children reach their full potential. We work very closely with parents to give them the tools they need to implement child’s IEP goal in their natural environment.

Therapy for our youngest clients will help with the following:

•Improve play skills and increase meaningful interaction with others

•Increase engagement in routines

•Understand spoken words

•Express their wants, needs, and intentions

•Develop skills for speaking

•Decreasing frustration and build confidence and motivation to communicate 

  • Private clients are welcome!!
  • Regional Center Clients: Services are provided to the children at their home or at school. We focus on helping children achieve their developmental goals. We focus on infant stimulation and Speech Therapy.




                                                                                                            Department Of Developmental Services

                                                                                                         Web Page:

                                                                                                 Telephone Number (916)654-1987


Head Start Department

Head Start Program

Bear Hug Therapy LLC, provides services to School district children. Services also are provided at school and at home. We evaluate your child's communication skills to determine the type, nature, and severity of any delay or disorder that may be present. We work closely with child’s teacher to ensure we are all targeting child’s goal and seeing progress in the classroom. Communication with parents is the key! Our specialist communicate with parents on a regular basis so they can both share input in the child’s overall progress.

Private clients are welcome!!


School Age Children

We provide services to local schools for Speech and Language and Social-Emotional Services. This service includes working with children ages TK-12th at the school setting. We work with children with IEP goals and or children who just need a little assistance with their social skills, receptive and expressive skills. This service includes communication with teacher, outdoor/indoor fun non competitive games that focus on the following:

•Safe and supportive environment

•Active and engaged Learning

•Skill building

•Voice and leadership

•Diversity, access, and equity


Parent & Teacher Trainings

Bear Hug Therapy LLC, provides extensive teacher/parent training in the area of Speech and Language and social emotional learning. Our goal is to help parents, families, and caregivers support their child's communication skills in everyday life activities.

Trainings are provided individually or in a large group setting.

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