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Mrs. Reyes has been working with children for the past 27 years. Mrs. Reyes first job was as a preschool teacher then as a Special Education Specialist. 

While working in the special education field she noticed a strong need in the area of speech and language development. Mrs. Reyes then decided to continue her education in this field. Ms. Reyes began managing a program that offers special education in the Head Starts with the second largest school district in the nation. 

Mrs. Reyes later opened her business to continue offering services to the community in need since 2006. Mrs. Reyes has a degree in Child Development from East Los Angeles College and a degree in Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant from Cerritos College. 

Mrs. Reyes continues to grow and expand her business in order to give back to her community by providing employment to talented individuals as well as working with colleges in providing an internship program for those looking to complete their hours in the field of graduation. 

Mrs. Reyes has always made it a priority to give back and reach every community in need of these specialized services. 

Mrs. Nancy M. Reyes


John attended El Camino College for Mechanical Engineering 1995, later attended University of Phoenix LA 2010 for Business administration. John also cares about our environment and obtained his LEED Green accreditation from USGBC. John has worked in the technology sector for over 26 years, volunteered in his community for decades and also volunteers at his church with his family. 

John H. Reyes


Stacey grew up in Los Angeles California and graduated with honors from Cerritos College with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology Assistant. Stacey became an SLPA in 2011. Before becoming a Speech Pathologist Assistant where she worked with Preschool children in Los Angeles County. In there she found a passion in helping out children who had speech and language delays. Over the past 15 years, Stacey has had the pleasure of working with families and children.

Stacey Giron

Early Development Department

Julio began his speech career at Orange Coast College receiving an A.S. Degree as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant in 2011 before receiving his B.A. in Communicative Disorders from California State University, Los Angeles in 2014. Since 2011 he has dedicated his time serving children and there families in both the private clinic and school settings.

Julio Cortes

Head Start Department

Karla Mexia attended California State University, Los Angeles graduated with a BA in Urban Learning with a minor in education in 2009. Has been working with children and families for 13 years. Karla always strives to help children and their families to their full potential and helps them achieve their objectives.

Karla Mexia

S.E.L.P Department

Brisa is the oldest of three siblings and being the oldest, it came with great responsibilities. Brisa attend college right after high school, she hit the ground running and so unknown to Brisa, but nonetheless, proud to say Brisa graduated from Cal State Rancho Dominguez Hill with a bachelors in Sociology and minor in Behavioral Science. During the 5 years (2011 to 2016) Brisa did her undergrad, exploring different opportunities to grow as a person. Brisa's experience came from working with children through a part time job at her previous school. 

Brisa became a tutor and worked with the Compton Unified District where she worked with 1st graders, 2nd graders and 3rf graders. Brisa's experience  lead her to work with LAUSD later as an Instructional Aide, after her graduation (May 2016) as well as working as a behavioral therapist with different companies. 

Brisa left an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) to join her current working family at Bear Hug Therapy to a rewarding position that allows Brisa to give back to her community through building relationships with parents/ guardians, children and/or staff. 

Brisa Marquez

Looking to the future.

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